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7 Useful Print Marketing Trends to Enhance Customer Experience

Did you know print marketing will continue dealing with substantial growth in 2017?

The following are 7 useful print marketing trends that deserve your attention. These will help you explore new opportunities in print marketing sector.

Print Marketing Trend #1: Personalized Prints

Do you want to get noticed? Customize your prints! Consider adding the name of the recipients to the design when conveying standard mail pieces like uniquely printed flyers and cheap postcards.

Do you want to go even further? You can show your consumers that you are paying attention to the details. Accumulate information about things customers are looking on your website. It is a smart idea to come up with a catalog that immediately helps them to remember these things or other alternatives.

Print Marketing Trend #2: Printing Unique Codes for Better ROI

You can use unique codes on your print catalogs. It will be a key component in consolidating print and digital systems.

Printing coupon codes are not new. However, printing unique coupon strategy will change in 2017 to move far from simply increasing sales. The main goal to use these codes is to track customers and sharing this code information to trusted business partners. You can use the code information to increase the value of those connections.

Unique codes enhance ROI and enable brands to better control spending plans related to discounts.

Graphic Design ServicePrint Marketing Trend #3: Investment in Print Marketing Will Grow in 2017

According to the study of Value of Paper and Print, 42% of advertisers said they will spend more than 33% of their whole spending plan on print marketing, while 35% will spend below 20% of their advertising budget on print marketing.

What does it mean? That means print marketing is getting popularity day by day. This trend will continue as marketers are getting positive results from print marketing.

Print Marketing Trend #4: Custom Printing will be Used for Deep Brand Loyalty

Many brands are investing a huge amount of money in branded content. Businesses can use the power of custom vinyl signs to promote their brands effectively.

Customers will probably buy from an organization where they were previously a buyer. People now have high trust in print items, for example, daily papers, magazines, flyers, and podcasts.

Custom printing using customer databases will give profitable content that will reinforce brand messages, drive brand loyalty, and better customer retention. DIY unique printing ideas can engage the customers and enhance their experience with your brand.

According to the report of Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47% of customers will probably start an online inquiry after reviewing a custom printing ad.

Full Color PostersPrint Marketing Trend #5: Use of Better Texture and Color

Are you looking for print marketing materials that are different and unique? You have to use better texture and color that match with your brand. You can make it appeal to your clients and customers. It is important to produce marketing materials where branding is consistent. You can simply add touches, for example, emblazoning or debossing, intricate folds, scented paper, special inks and metallic foils to give your custom flyers a different look and feel. It will improve your brand loyalty.

Light Print TexturePrint Marketing Trend #6: Printing Unique Packaging

You can print unique packaging to start a welcome conversation with your potential customers.

Packaging will proceed with its pattern of more creative changes. You can create different versions to suit your product ranges. You can design unique folding carton printing that gets the consideration of your customers and clients.

Extraordinary packaging ideas help brands emerge on the crowd. It will boost the interest of your buyers and sales. More brands will start taking a look at how printing packaging ideas can offer the advantages to their brands.

The best effort will have an entirely coordinated promoting effort using brand information, design, and print mastery as support. Leading brands will work through their key informing with print specialists to guarantee their execution accomplishes the business goals.

Print Marketing Trend #7: Storytelling

Use print marketing to tell the story of your brand or any products or services. Print will keep on playing an important part in marketing. The explanation behind this is print has that individual effect that people can touch and feel. Whenever paper and ink meet up intensely, the final product is print marketing that looks like compelling artwork.

In 2017, storytelling will be a part of print marketing. A basic call to action will not work anymore. You have to tell a story to your crowd, and print-based marketing represents a perfect approach to achieve this. By following the storytelling print marketing trends, you will excite your customers and clients in no time!

The above 7 print marketing trends are helping brands building a better relationship with their customer. You can try these trends to get the maximum benefits from your marketing efforts. Once you will start offering your products and services via print marketing, you will discover that print marketing is the new powerful media to grow your business fast.

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11 DIY Printing Ideas for Celebration Days

Make your celebration day special with DIY printing ideas.

This is your stop to make DIY Printing material. In the event that you need to plan a flyer and print it out at the home or office, this article will relate all the most valuable data to help complete it well for you. The truth of the matter is, you have a wide exhibit of alternatives relying on the product you have accessible to you.

Here is the list of 11 Do It Yourself printing ideas that you can do with your friends and family members. The designs can be eye-catchy and very cool in their appearance. What’s more interesting is that you can do it with minimum or no practice.

Number #1: New Year’s Day

The New Year is very special for all the Americans. Make it more special with your DIY printing ideas. You can give a pleasant surprise to your friends and family members.

The Idea: Countdown envelopes can be a fun activity to count down to the New Year.

The Setup: 13 blank 9”x12” envelope, sheets of 8.5”x11” blank regular paper, pens or pencils

The Project: Write the month and year on top of the envelope, one for each month of the year (January 2017) Simply have every person in your home to draw a picture on the envelope how they felt about that month. The last envelope should be on the wish list for the New Year. Pass a sheet of the blank paper to everyone and ask them to write one funny story or something good that happened to them in that month and insert it into the envelope. Once it is complete, open the envelopes month by month and read the stories.  It’s a real fun!

New Year’s Day DIY Print IdeaNumber #2: Super Bowl Sunday

This is the first Sunday in February. On this day, Americans love to watch the Super Bowl, the title of American football and also advertisements.

The Idea: Super Bowl business Bingo Cards

The Setup: Sheets of 11″x17″ clear paper have a couple of additional sheets in the event of some unforeseen issue, and a color card stock paper.

The Project: Draw little squares on the 11″x17″ clear paper 6 sections, 6 lines, cut the card stock paper in little pieces. Go out the sheet of 11″x17″ Bingo Commercial card and card stock paper. Have every individual record particularly what they think it will be in the ads. For example, hamburger, football, guitar and more! As you watch the ads you can begin rounding out the Bingo Card and see who wins. You can also buy cheap business flyers.

Super Bowl Sunday DIY Printing IdeaNumber #3: Valentine’s Day: February 14

Valentine’s Day in the USA is commended with the giving of chocolates, flowers, and love cards. It is considered as the most famous sentimental occasion.

The Idea: Valentine’s Day Love Note

The Setup: Take 10 Envelopes with different sizes. Blank Quality Card Stock Paper

The Project: Draw pictures and simply write a single word that portrays your partner on every envelope, insert the envelopes in each other. When you get the chance to last envelope, write a note that clarifies why you adore your partner with a little rose inside the envelope.

Number #4: St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

In this occasion, many individuals dress in green and they pinch the people who don’t.

The Idea: Think Green

The Setup: 8.5×11 sheet of paper, printer

The Project: Print green leaf picture on your printer and cut around the leaf and simply use it as a middle piece.

St. Patrick's Printing IdeasNumber #5: Easter

In festivity of Easter, numerous families in America go to church. The individuals who don’t go to church celebrate by color eggs, egg hunts and more.

The Idea: Happy Easter Banner

The Setup: 10 sheets of paper, printer and 10 feet Easter decoration tape and string.

The Project: Use Microsoft word to outline each letter of “Happy Easter” on 9″x11″ Paper-Total of 8 sheets one for each letter. Print each letter and attach it!

Easter DIY Printing IdeasNumber #6: Earth Day: April 22

This is the day when Americans praise the earth and seas. It is a good day to remember the significance of reusing.

The Idea: Reuse Old Paper

The Setup: 3 sheets of paper, Size 9″ x 12″

The Project: Use pen and color pencil to design each letter of “Happy Earth Day” on 3 Paper sheets. 1 word for 1 paper. Decorate with tape.

Earth Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #7: May 6: Nurse Day

A day to thank medical caretakers for their diligent work in clinics.

The Idea: Buy a custom cloth paper 8.5×11

The Setup: Colorful pen and pencils. Collect some thank you wishes from the internet.

The Project: Write small thank you note on the cloth paper. Draw a smiley!

Nurse Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #8: Friendship Day

We celebrate this on First Sunday in August. On this day, people spend time with their friends.

The Idea: Friends Forever Card

The Setup: 8.5″x11″ and 9.5″x12″ sheet of papers, color cards, printer, pen and decoration tape.

The Project: Print heart shape, birds, stars or whatever you want and cut around the design. Use these as a middle piece. Write something like “Friends Forever!” You can also write some good wishes. Decorate the corner with your decoration tape.

Number #9: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day. We celebrate it on the 2nd Sunday in May. In spite of the fact that conventions will shift from family to family, numerous Americans give their moms chocolates, flowers, and adornments or take her out to lunch.

The Idea: Photo Collage

The Setup: Take a red color paper and give it a heart shape.

The Project: Print some of your sweet photographs with your mother. Attach the photographs on the heart-shaped paper. You can use glue. Insert this into an envelope. Give it to your mother.

Mother's Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #10: Father’s Day

We celebrate this day on the third Sunday in June. Similarly, as with Mother’s Day, conventions will differ from family to family, yet many individuals celebrate by having a BBQ supper and potentially playing some kind of game.

The Idea: Short note on special moments

The Setup: Take 7 Envelopes with different sizes. Blank Quality Card Stock Paper

The Project: Draw pictures and simply write some words about your special day with your father on every envelope, insert the envelopes in each other. You can give your father a DIY collage with this.

Father's Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #11: October 31: Halloween

Halloween is regularly celebrated by kids taking on the appearance of imagination characters and going way to way to request sweet. Families regularly hold Halloween parties in their homes.

The Idea: Halloween Party Characters Cards

The Setup: Sheets of 21″x17″ clear paper have a couple of additional sheets in the event of some unforeseen issue, and a color card stock paper.

The Project: Draw little squares on the 21″x17″ clear paper 10 sections, 10 lines, cut the card stock paper in little pieces. Go out the sheet of 21″x17″ Halloween Party Characters Cards and card stock paper. Have every family members pick one card. The members have to dress like the card character they pick! You can also design EDDM postcards for Halloween.

Halloween Day DIY Printing IdeasBottom Line: Do you want to try any of the above printing ideas? If you have some unique ideas that you want to try this year, do not hesitate to share with us.

The Biggest Problem with SEO, And How You Can Fix It

In recent times, the business success largely depends on the digital marketing factor and search engine optimization, which is, of course, a part of marketing as well. With numerous businesses trying to win the rat race, it is a general trend among people to try and gain the top ranking in the Google pages. Is it easily achievable? Of course not, as there are several people competing with the same kind of product and trying to reach the sky. So what do you think is the biggest problem with SEO? Why a certain business that was ruling the industry and search engine pages today, suddenly gets down in the search rankings and loses its potentiality tomorrow?

Biggest Problem with SEO Leading to the Pitfall

Content is the czar of SEO. With the advancement of the SEO techniques and Google’s changing algorithms like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Content is the biggest problem that can make or break your business. In order to win the search engine optimization process, you need to publish great content that can earn you links. Are you aware how SEO helps in Google ranking? The content of your website and the content you share in the digital platform like the videos, infographics, articles, images, audios, etc. plays a pivotal role in winning the game. The SEO professionals optimize these set of content so it is essential that the content you publish is unique and better than your competitors.

The problems with SEO are it requires clean and crisp site with high-quality content. Apart from the on page optimization and off page optimization, an error free website structure without any technical glitches is also an important factor for winning the SEO game. In order to boost the business and make it profitable, a strong content marketing technique is important. Creating, implementing, and distributing the right content can effectively achieve your business goals but there are barriers that affect content and also winning SEO strategies.

How is the Content Creating Problem?

Now, it is clear that valuable content is the foundation of any content marketing strategies and also the biggest challenge with SEO. Are you aware how content is affecting SEO? The copied content is the topmost technical apprehension because-

  • People think that Google crawlers must visit again and again to find the changes and new content added to the website. But the dynamic websites creates multiple pages that are not rightly configured from the databases which hamper SEO performance. For Google, any such barrier that comes on its way while crawling is wanted.
  • The secure URL and plain URL set of rules (HTTPS and HTTP)
  • and just without any preference set for www
  • Syndicated RSS feeds
  • Blog tags
  • Functions of CMS or the control management system

All the above points can cause duplicate content which can affect the search engine optimization results. The links that are irrelevant and unnatural can also decline the SEO results of the website. Often great fonts or bright colors and attractive image cannot be an effective step to attract traffic as it may not be appealing from SEO point of view. The content of the URL also affects the Google ranking.

Effective Tools to Fix the Content Curation Problems

The movement on the web is rapid and the content needs to keep pace with the fast-paced web world. It is quite difficult to create original content every moment regularly. So, the content curation comes as the best filler content marketing strategy. The timing is very important in content curation to gain revenue, leads, and traffic. Let’s discuss the accurate tools for content curation.

  1. PublishThis

One of the best tools to organize your content, PublishThis integrates the channels of your communication on a single podium making sharing and publishing easier. The API to post content on a range of applications and platforms is one of the best features of PublishThis. The original content can be mixed with the customized content as per the customer requirement. Daily content curation involves a lot of time and is a real headache. PublishThis saves time by promoting its algorithm reliability to source content for the target audience.

  1. Curata

The INSPIRE™ recommending engine is the foremost power of Curata which is proficient in discovering content pertinent to particular target audiences without lots of manual effort. Your set of an audience can modify, adapt, and sort the sources for content to evaluate and then distribute from one platform. The curated content can be reshuffled with the help of publishing and advertisements across your blogs, social networking mediums, newsletters, and mechanized promotion platforms.

  1. TrapIt

The ‘traps’ are the content collection set by the content marketers. The content requirement is learned by the tool. It helps them to deliver constant real-time feeds, content on the basis of the trapped subjects, and the ways of interacting with the content. The content of supreme quality which is unique and not plagiarized can be surfaced on the web with the help of the TrapIt engine that discovers content by combining search, artificial aptitude, and individual curation.

  1. Right Intel

With the help of this tool content as per the requirement of the audience can be found easily. Once you know what content is required by your audience, with the help of the Right Intel tool you can add your own approach to it. Internal, as well as external publishing options, are available with this tool. Right Intel tool also maintain your curated data planned and in control on your comprehensive dashboard.

  1. Feedly

Now your favorite feeds, blogs, news sites and articles can be browsed, read, and shared with Feedly app. It is customized according to your requirement. You may decide what content to follow or get detail information. The feeds can be broken into different folders to get a better access and simple outline of your niche sector. All the sites that you like can be brought together at one place.

If you are able to give a clear view to your audience with right unique and fresh content the content marketing  tools can enhance it and effectively create a difference to your business ranking in search engines as well as in your industry on the whole. With the advancing SEO techniques, you need a Creative SEO Professionals that update and shuffle your contents effectively that can enable you to draw, connect, alert, and hold customers.

The Ultimate Social Media Guide for Web Designers

Through building your visibility on the online networking site, you will get the opportunity to share your inventive designs. Social media will help you to get important feedback and at last meet your business objectives. You can use social media as a powerful tool to help you:

  • Correspond with your customers more effortlessly
  • Become more visible in web index results
  • Produce more business leads and deals
  • Build up a voice and notoriety that will give people trust in your image
  • Get ongoing information on news on the web design industry

Tips for Web Designers to Use Social Media

Since you have arranged your association for setting up an online networking vicinity, consider some of these tips for execution.

#Tips 1: Put Resources into a Scheduling Platform

There are different kinds of social media scheduling platform. This will save a huge amount of your time. You need not to invest too much money to viably deal with the majority of your social sites from one dashboard.

#Tips 2: Deal with a Facebook Fan Page

Regardless of your objective demographic, Facebook can be really helpful to any expert affiliation. With 2 billion dynamic clients, a section of your group of onlookers is certain to be available on the site. Deal with a page with the majority of your fundamental information, encourage your fans to connect, share articles and get your face before the public.

#Tips 3: Make a LinkedIn Group

Expand your social business. Always do remember that if there is any online networking site made for affiliations, it is without a doubt Linkedin. Create a LinkedIn group that is fully moderated, open only to the members as well as empowers engagement.

#Tips 4: Figure out How to Listen

It does not make a difference which online networking platform you pick, your essential objective should be to tune in. Give your audience the chance to let you know what they need, what they want, and what they would like to see. Pay consideration on what they are saying to your brand and about your organization.

#Tips 5: Drive Traffic to Your Website

By the day’s end, your site is your advanced digital marketing center. Work to drive traffic from your online networking site. This is particularly imperative for connecting with the audience. In the event that you need to impact new members, you will need to get them to your landing page where you can change over time. Incorporate a connection to your site on your social profiles and share your unique web journals to take care of your business.

Useful Social Media Tools for Web Designers

Here are three awesome social media tools for web designers that will help you to accelerate your online networking advancement, and for the most part help to have a superior ordeal of connecting, sharing and reading:

It helps you deal with different social media accounts. Rapidly schedule content from anyplace on the Web, help to work together with team members, and break down rich insights on how your posts perform.

Buffer add-on is available for almost all browsers. With the assistance of this add-on, you are ready to share all that you like, from whichever social site you like. It makes it a breeze to share content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.


It is an online networking administration framework which empowers associations to execute social media campaigns from one dashboard.

They exceed expectations in giving profound investigation of your online networking records, and also give the important tools to keep up numerous records in the meantime, all inside of a single web-based dashboard.


It was initially an Adobe Air desktop application, outlined with an ordered client interface. Its objective was to be a real-time application that permitted clients to screen that data in a solitary succinct perspective. In 2011, Twitter gained TweetDeck and re-design the application in HTML5.

It is an intense tool when utilized accurately, it has elements like tweet planning, and the capacity to monitor search results for new tweets.


Bottom Line: Digital marketing with social media requires a lot of time and energy. Above guidelines will help web designers to make this journey easy for them.

The 5 Most Common SEO Problems That Face Small Business

Search engine optimization is a must have for small business. Online marketing has developed in prevalence as online inquiry keeps on advancing from an oddity to a standard element in our regular lives. Every business in the nation, huge or little and paying little heed to industry, has some sort of web vicinity, and everyone is competing for just a modest bunch of positions at the highest point of web index results pages.

Common SEO Problems

Since bigger organizations – super enterprises – as of now have a huge number of inbound connections, many years of contents, and a repeating base of online guests, it’s no big surprise why they for the most part show up in the top ranking positions when individuals scan for business items. Notwithstanding what industry you’re in, you’ll generally have no less than one contender who has been around more and has invested more energy than you have to fabricating their visibility on the web and in web crawlers. There are also some common SEO problems faced by small business owners. You have to overcome those problems with useful SEO tips if you want to rank higher.

#Problem 1: Not Targeting Keywords

On the off chance that the majority of your audience cannot tell what every page is for, or what your administrations really mean, then how would you anticipate that Google will know? Targeting means exactly the same thing. It helps your audience discovering your products and focusing on your items or services by utilizing keywords. What’s more, if Google manages to rank your site anyhow, it is possible that people are not visiting your site only because you have not targeted any keywords related to your services. You may rank #1, yet with zero inquiries consistently, you will get nothing from it. No visitors, no sales, very awful!

Solution: Use Google 101 and search marketing tool. Keep in mind to look through two or three pages to get some fresh thoughts for keywords you may utilize.

#Problem 2: Duplicate Version of Landing Page

In the event that you are serving duplicate adaptations of your landing page to the search engines, they are copy content. Google does not like duplicate content and only because of your duplicate versions, you may never rank higher.

Another issue is that if you have all your interior connections indicating at or and the “genuine” rendition of the page is, you are splitting the connection value between one or more URLs. You need all that link goodness pointed at the one URL if you need to rank in the search engines.

Solution: The easiest solution is to 301 redirect all non-accepted variants of the landing page URL to the official version you need to show to clients and to rank in the SERPS.

#Problem 3: Landing Page Tagline

This should be an easy decision, however a great deal of destinations where the title tag is something like “Home”, “Landing page”, “Brand Name” or some blend of those. The title tag is a standout amongst the most vital on-page components for SEO. It not only helps you to rank higher, it’s what potential clients and customers find in the SERP when they see your posting.

Solution: Unless you need to rank for the expression “landing page,” verify the title has something significant in it – preferably including one of your best keywords close to the start of the tagline.

#Problem 4: Duplicate Content Problem

Every site struggling to rank higher has had copy content issues. They are particularly common with new sites and among small business owners. It happens when they are utilizing out-of-the-box CMS frameworks, or when a SEO has not been included in the structural engineering period of building a site.

Solution: Discovering and altering copy content can be a standout amongst the most difficult parts of reviewing a site. You can take the help of Google webmaster tool.

#Problem 5: Expecting Too Much from SEO

SEO is not fast, cheap or simple. Gone are the times of versatile, simple strategies that abused loopholes in the algorithm. Investigate your site and your business. In the event that you genuinely should rank well and drive natural traffic, SEO can help you arrive.

Solution: In any case, if your UI sucks, your configuration is dated, your costs are too high, your content is egotistical and exhausting or your client administration is lousy, fix that stuff first. At that point try SEO stuff to rank higher.

Bottom Line: Hiring a crappy SEO used to be only a misuse of cash even from a pessimistic standpoint. If you are a small business owner, you owe it yourself to know enough to do some basic checking on your site. You have to learn a bit about SEO strategies to go well.

Can Your Business Blog Help To Improve Your Ranking?

Yes. Nowadays, business blogging is almost everywhere. Many small, niche businesses like high-end taxidermists  & plumbers now have a business blog because they understand that blogs can communicate what is new while providing great SEO value as well.

A business blog can benefit any website. Blogging regularly can contribute considerably to customer acquisition. 92% of companies that blog several times a day gain a consumer through that blog, according to inbound marketing software company Hubspot. Writing several times every day or week might seem like plenty of work, but its value to your website’s SEO & inbound marketing efforts is invaluable.

The major and awesome benefits of business blogging is that it can improve your search rankings & that boosts your traffic. Let’s take a look how business blogging improves your search rankings & that improves your traffic.

One of the primary benefits of business blogging is that it could up your ranking in search engine results pages  (SERPs) & that could increase your traffic as well.

Blogging can boost your website rankings in the organic search engine results in 2 ways. First, posting blog content regularly shows search engine like Google that your site is active & updated on a regular basis. A regularly updated website will show higher in organic search results than a site that’s only updated occasionally. This is because search engine takes how often it’s updated into consideration when determining how a page ranks.

Secondly, simply because your website (and its pages) are also ranked according to the relevant keywords it consists of, a business blog is an excellent way to link your website to the keywords you desire your website to come up for when explored.

Because each blog post is indexed by the search engine like Google as a separate web page, Google ranks every page on your site separately. So every blog post is one more new chance to rank highly in organic search results for your focused keywords.

The outcome of having blog posts ranked high in search results is that you will get much more visitor to your website. Visitor funneled from a search engine is almost 9 times more prone to result in a conversion than the visitor that comes from paid advertising. Just put, search engine traffic can result in greater conversions that will offer you a higher return on investment (ROI).

In fact, the Digital Marketing Institute recently reported that “marketers who prioritize blogging are thirteen times more likely to improve their return on investment annually.” HubSpots’s 2014 State of Inbound Report insights that blogging is the number 1 way to boost ROI through inbound marketing techniques.

For the reason that inbound marketing just like business blogging could enhance the number of pages Google indexes by nearly 500 percent. Also, it can improve lead generations and sales & enhanced conversions mean a higher return on investment. So if you would like a bigger ROI, starting up a blog is an excellent option.

Granted, blogging could be a little bit of an investment. A business blog needs quality content posted on a regular basis to be most effective & which means sacrificing your time to create blog posts or hiring content/article writers to create them for you. If your organization has the budget to hire an experienced and skilled writer, as time passes the position could pay for itself.

Any site owner who wants much better search engine opportunities should think about blogging. Not only can business blogging help with SEO and ranking, it could also help entice new readers to your website. This tactic is really very effective & most affordable available, so it ought to be a part of each website owner’s marketing plan.

On Page SEO Best Practices For Ranking

On Page SEO components are those that are completely inside of the own particular control of a publisher. What sort of substance do you distribute? Is it true that you are giving imperative HTML intimations that help web crawlers and clients focus on importance? How does your site construction modeling help or upset internet searchers?

On Page SEO Ranking Factors

Google uses more than hundred on page ranking factors. However; you need not to use all of them to get higher ranking. There are some must to know factors that can give you the result you looking for.


Factor 1: Position of Keywords

Your main keyword should be in the top level domain. It does not give the support that it used to, however having your main keyword in the area still goes about as a significance signal. All things considered, they still striking keywords that show up in domain name. Domains that begin with their main keywords has an edge over websites that either do not have the keywords in their domains or have the keyword in the center or end of the domain. Orange County SEO service always follow this ranking factor.


Factor 2: Website Style

Esthetically satisfying site is useful for your business and guests yet just in the event that you don’t overdo it. Keep in mind the old saying “toning it down would be ideal”, well, you can in any case apply the ‘toning it down would be best’ proverb and still have an alluring site. The old blaze outlined sites were exceptionally alluring yet did not by any means help with site design improvement, along these lines, proficient web creators because of SEO stay far from glimmer.

So in the event that you need your SEO crusade to succeed with a long haul web crawler positioning, outline a stylishly satisfying site while as yet staying far from un-essential fancy odds and ends. Orange County digital marketing always uses styles that can help to get higher rank.

Factor 3: Website Structure

Structure of a site is a vital piece of your site outline, thusly, verify that you first arrangement your site on your nearby machine utilizing one of numerous accessible instruments, for example, our favored instrument like Xmind, an expert mapping programming that will permit you to arrange and structure your webpage.


Factor 4: Readability of a Site

There is a ton of site composed by alleged proficient web firms with an excess of distinctive hues and irregularities making it extremely hard to peruse the page content. The best shading to use for content and foundation is dark content over white foundation for it is simple on the eyes and exceptionally satisfying. Once more, utilize the ‘toning it down would be ideal’ witticism and you will be safe.

Factor 5: Website Crawling

You not just need to make it simple for your guests to explore all through your site, you likewise need to consider pursuit bots and verify they find themselves able to slither your webpage and get to the pages you need them to record.

Some Important On Page Ranking Factors

  • Sitemap: It helps web index to record all pages on your website. It is the most straightforward and best approach to tell Google what pages your site incorporates.
  • Trust of Your Domain: It matters a lot. It is hard not to feel that sites Google trusts ought to rank higher. However, how would you construct that trust? Simply you have to avoid wat Google hates like duplicate content, dead links and more. Evidently, building trust variables of your space will unquestionably pay off.
  • Location of Your Server: Some SEOs accept that the location of a server helps to support rankings for that particular nation or locale.
  • Mobile Friendly Sites: Just a year prior, 46% of searchers utilized versatile solely to research. This number expanded exponentially in the most recent 12 months. It would be nothing unexpected then that having a portable upgraded site would influence rankings somehow.
  • Integration of Google Webmasters Tools: Ultimately, having your webpage confirmed at Google Webmasters Tools is said to help with your destinations indexing. Regardless of the fact that that is not the situation, the device gives significant information you can use to better advance your site.

Bottom Line: On Page SEO is a continuous process and very important factor of Google ranking that you need to continue if you want to be always on the top of a search engine result.

When You Need to Hire an SEO Agency

Entrepreneurs either think SEO is very common knowledge or even think SEO is dead, so they do not experience the exertion of sourcing and procuring quality SEO agency or expert. There are times, when you totally must contract a SEO. Whether you go the SEO agency or the expert, it is totally up to you. The vital thing is that you pick up the skill and experience of somebody who can prompt you at a critical juncture. Believe it or not, SEO is still as important as it was before. Here are few points when you must hire a SEO agency or an expert.

Point 1: If you are Planning to Start Digital Marketing

In case you’re new to the field of advanced advertising, a SEO could turn into your closest companion.

As digital marketing has developed into its current condition of immensity, SEO has advanced too. Many agencies have a grip on SEO’s essential ideas.

  • Enhancing Robots.txt
  • Coordinating Google Analytics
  • Coordinating Google Webmaster instruments
  • Putting no-index labels set up

These are presently a standard piece of the SEO’s task list, yet they are less well known to business owners. Orange County SEO agency can provide these facilities.

Point 2: If you Want to Launch Content Marketing Campaign

Lamentably, content marketing is not as compelling as it could be. The reason is simple. It is not coordinated effectively into SEO. Search Engine Optimization and content marketing have a ton of overlap. But they are not the same thing.

Content marketing experts do not ensure that you will get the SEO esteem you require from those endeavors.

  • A content marketing exertion needs to focus on the right catchphrases.
  • Needs to comprehend the effect of client aim on queries.
  • Needs to guarantee that all specialized SEO components are set up.

A content marketing effort should be incorporated with SEO.

Point 3: If you Want to Launch a Site

How about if you need to update your site. Perhaps your old site has execution or UX issues. Perhaps you’re simply doing some essential sprucing up. Whatever. It could be a major ordeal. It could decimate your movement. Little overhauls may not be a noteworthy issue. But if you begin upsetting classes, an alternate CMS, new pages, and other comparable stuff, you could be going towards inconvenience.

In this circumstance, you require the assistance of a SEO agency to do the accompanying:

  • Give SEO proposals on ahead of schedule stage design mockups or even wireframes
  • Conduct development reviews
  • Counsel with designers on the utilization of Java
  • Conduct an inbound connection investigation
  • Make a 301 sidetrack map
  • Create SEO site audit checklist
  • Give page title suggestions
  • Give H1 suggestions

Additional Benefits a SEO Agency will Offer You

  • Survey of your site structure
  • Specialized guidance on site advancement: for instance, facilitating, sidetracks, slip pages, utilization of JavaScript
  • Content advancement
  • Administration of online business advancement battles
  • SEO preparing
  • Keyword research
  • Competition research
  • Ability in particular markets and topographies.

Some Facts about SEO Services that You Need to Consider

  • Be careful about SEO firms and web experts or offices that send you email out of nowhere.
  • Nobody can promise a #1 positioning on Google.
  • Be cautious if an organization is cryptic or won’t obviously disclose what they mean to do.
  • You ought to never need to connection to a SEO.
  • Make certain to comprehend where the cash goes.

Bottom Line: “SEO-is-Dead” it is a common concept among many people. This concept is absolutely WRONG. This concept may come true in future, but at present we need the help of SEO experts and agencies. It will not only save your business, but also help you to grow your business.

Web Designer’s Essential SEO Checklist

SEO is an essential skill for any web designers, if you would like to boost your website traffic & visibility. There are numerous phases in the web design process where SEO factors impact upon the design result. Keeping this in mind, we’ve created an essential SEO checklist that’ll help web designers at every phase of the design process. Our Orange County web design team follow best SEO practices during web design and development.

Web Page-Wide SEO:

The webpage-wide SEO techniques can significantly influence the whole site.


Page access – If Google cannot reach a website, it isn’t possible to have it indexed. You need to make sure that, the robots.txt file or the robots Meta tag isn’t accidentally blocking important pages.

Inappropriate pages – On the other hand, you need to block the unimportant pages via the robots.txt file or robots Meta tag

Redirects & 404 errors – Use 301-redirects instead of 302 for increasing your page rank, as the 301 is better in achieving higher page ranks. You need to reduce 404 errors & increase your site page loading speed.

URL Structure

Select URL either www or non-www and make sure that the internal & inbound page links are also in the exact same format. You may do countrywide domain extensions & make sub folders or subdomains.


An HTML sitemap is quite useful for visitors & search engines, simply because it assists them to understand your website structure. An XML sitemap is merely visible for search engines. It’ll allow you to insert metadata that might be used to give additional info about the content of every page.

On-Site SEO:

On-site SEO techniques optimize a particular web page for search engines.


Make sure that every page targets a specific keyword only. If you create a web page for a particular keyword you can optimize that web page for the keyword.

You have to do some keywords research because the greatest traffic potential keywords with very low competition will raise your website rank. Now it’s rarely feasible that such a keyword isn’t targeted by several companies, but it should be your goal to discover such a keyword.

Make use of your main keyword in the article/page title. Then use the main keyword 3 to 4 times in the “h1, h2, h3” headings.


Content is king & search engines really like the content. Keep your article title to maximum sixty to seventy words long. Try to add interesting & exceptional content such as an infographic or a research finding.  Create unique & fresh content that the audience enjoys to keep returning for more.


Utilize a relevant file name rather than numbers. Do not forget to embed an ALT-tag with a short description of the photo. Keep the picture size as small as possible, simply because it’ll minimize page loading time.

Social Snippets

Select an attractive thumbnail which is minimum 200 x 200 pixels.  Use Google’s URL builder to tag your web page URL. This aids in getting useful info from Google Analytics.  To help maximize exposure, make sure you use sharing buttons on your site, including Twitter Tweet, Facebook share, Google+ Share, LinkedIn Share, Pinterest Pin and more.

A few more essential things

Responsive Web Design

Making sure that your design is simple and responsive enough with devices. Responsive design is a long term for a simple concept—it makes sure that your website displays & functions well across all major devices & screen sizes, including  laptops, smartphones,  iPads, tablets, and PCs

Mobile Usability

Ensure that your website is easily available with mobile devices. Statistics indicate that the use of mobile devices to run online searches has enhanced significantly in the past few years. To successfully reach this growing population of mobile users, businesses have to be sure that their sites are available from any mobile device.


A good web designer puts into practice of ensuring HTML coding is compliant to recognized HTML standards. By this, we can obtain a clean code structure where search engine spiders can conveniently get into the contents & index for top results.


If you make use of CMS to manage the site, do clean back end code and remove unnecessary plugins & pages. Also, make sure that the CMS allow

  • Defining the different template for different pages, provides the flexibility in website content optimization.
  • CMS should give a provision for putting unique Title & Meta tags for web pages.


Top 5 Web Design Trends 2015 that will Rock

In 2015, Grid Layout, Background Video, Fixed Sliding Navbar, CSS3 Animation and Dynamic Storytelling…all are going to rock.

Latest Web Design Trends 2015

If you want to create up to date designs, then it is crucial to know the latest trends. Only then you will be able to apply it in your design or even you will be able to ask your developer to create one for you! Here you go.

Trend 1: Huge Background Image

Front-end engineer Benjamin Hollway expects more enormous background picture this year. In 2015, huge background images with rich typography and inconspicuous parallax impacts will get the priority to a great extent because of the lead taken by gigantic brands, for example, Apple and Google Nexus.

Example: Huge background web design can be something like this one

Trend 2: Card-based Web Layout

Innovative chief Haraldur Thorleifsson says card-based outline will be huge: “Substance needs to fit on distinctive sorts and sizes of screen, and cards are the least demanding approach to make that work crosswise over stages.” He includes this displays a configuration challenge, since cards can be dull, “however we’re seeing fun, astute tackles this from organizations like Google”. Web outline creator and specialist Aaron Gustafson has a substitute tackle interest in front end JavaScript structures like Angular and Ember: “Advancement advantages can be awesome as far as rate of improvement, yet there are expenses to utilizing this methodology. JavaScript is the single greatest purpose of disappointment in any electronic item. We do not control the execution of code in the program.”

Example: Card based design can be something like Pinterest.

Card Base Web Design

Trend 3: Custom CSS3 Animation

Animation using CSS3 will get priority this year. CSS3 animations are so creative that it can easily draw the attention of the visitors. This animation also create a live effect that can touch the heart of a visitor!

Example: CSS3 animated navbar can be an example.

CSS3 Animated Navbar Web Design

Trend 4: Parallax Scrolling

New innovations, for example, CSS3 and HTML5 have given fashioners unimaginably advanced capacities. Not a couple of them are deciding to press the cutoff points. Right now, one of the greatest styles is parallax looking over. This includes making the foundation of the site move more gradually than the closer view. Subsequently, the client encounters a fascinating 3D impact that includes profundity and looks sharp.

While it is not a standard parallax looking over outline, the Sony site demonstrates that it is conceivable to consolidate parallax highlights with other configuration components to make an interesting design. It will be intriguing to perceive to what extent the parallax pattern keeps going and where it might eventually go, however right now it is an alluring outline alternative for particularly imaginative organizations.

Example: Parallax scrolling effect is very cool.

Parallax scrolling effect web design

Trend 5: Storytelling Designs

Numerous organizations, brands, and associations have understood that their site is their number-one instrument for narrating. They’ve submitting themselves to relating stories through substance, as well as by means of particular web plan components, format, and route. Orange Country web design service also follow this trick to create awesome storytelling.

In case you’re searching for good cases of visual storytelling in web outline, UltraLinx has an amazing article in which it records 10 sterling illustrations. The ongoing pattern is that every site gives the client the capacity to cooperate with different visual components … normally by floating your mouse more than a symbol. Digital marketing agency Orange County makes everything easy for the small business owners to grow their business online within a short time.