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7 Useful Print Marketing Trends to Enhance Customer Experience

Did you know print marketing will continue dealing with substantial growth in 2017?

The following are 7 useful print marketing trends that deserve your attention. These will help you explore new opportunities in print marketing sector.

Print Marketing Trend #1: Personalized Prints

Do you want to get noticed? Customize your prints! Consider adding the name of the recipients to the design when conveying standard mail pieces like uniquely printed flyers and cheap postcards.

Do you want to go even further? You can show your consumers that you are paying attention to the details. Accumulate information about things customers are looking on your website. It is a smart idea to come up with a catalog that immediately helps them to remember these things or other alternatives.

Print Marketing Trend #2: Printing Unique Codes for Better ROI

You can use unique codes on your print catalogs. It will be a key component in consolidating print and digital systems.

Printing coupon codes are not new. However, printing unique coupon strategy will change in 2017 to move far from simply increasing sales. The main goal to use these codes is to track customers and sharing this code information to trusted business partners. You can use the code information to increase the value of those connections.

Unique codes enhance ROI and enable brands to better control spending plans related to discounts.

Graphic Design ServicePrint Marketing Trend #3: Investment in Print Marketing Will Grow in 2017

According to the study of Value of Paper and Print, 42% of advertisers said they will spend more than 33% of their whole spending plan on print marketing, while 35% will spend below 20% of their advertising budget on print marketing.

What does it mean? That means print marketing is getting popularity day by day. This trend will continue as marketers are getting positive results from print marketing.

Print Marketing Trend #4: Custom Printing will be Used for Deep Brand Loyalty

Many brands are investing a huge amount of money in branded content. Businesses can use the power of custom vinyl signs to promote their brands effectively.

Customers will probably buy from an organization where they were previously a buyer. People now have high trust in print items, for example, daily papers, magazines, flyers, and podcasts.

Custom printing using customer databases will give profitable content that will reinforce brand messages, drive brand loyalty, and better customer retention. DIY unique printing ideas can engage the customers and enhance their experience with your brand.

According to the report of Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, 47% of customers will probably start an online inquiry after reviewing a custom printing ad.

Full Color PostersPrint Marketing Trend #5: Use of Better Texture and Color

Are you looking for print marketing materials that are different and unique? You have to use better texture and color that match with your brand. You can make it appeal to your clients and customers. It is important to produce marketing materials where branding is consistent. You can simply add touches, for example, emblazoning or debossing, intricate folds, scented paper, special inks and metallic foils to give your custom flyers a different look and feel. It will improve your brand loyalty.

Light Print TexturePrint Marketing Trend #6: Printing Unique Packaging

You can print unique packaging to start a welcome conversation with your potential customers.

Packaging will proceed with its pattern of more creative changes. You can create different versions to suit your product ranges. You can design unique folding carton printing that gets the consideration of your customers and clients.

Extraordinary packaging ideas help brands emerge on the crowd. It will boost the interest of your buyers and sales. More brands will start taking a look at how printing packaging ideas can offer the advantages to their brands.

The best effort will have an entirely coordinated promoting effort using brand information, design, and print mastery as support. Leading brands will work through their key informing with print specialists to guarantee their execution accomplishes the business goals.

Print Marketing Trend #7: Storytelling

Use print marketing to tell the story of your brand or any products or services. Print will keep on playing an important part in marketing. The explanation behind this is print has that individual effect that people can touch and feel. Whenever paper and ink meet up intensely, the final product is print marketing that looks like compelling artwork.

In 2017, storytelling will be a part of print marketing. A basic call to action will not work anymore. You have to tell a story to your crowd, and print-based marketing represents a perfect approach to achieve this. By following the storytelling print marketing trends, you will excite your customers and clients in no time!

The above 7 print marketing trends are helping brands building a better relationship with their customer. You can try these trends to get the maximum benefits from your marketing efforts. Once you will start offering your products and services via print marketing, you will discover that print marketing is the new powerful media to grow your business fast.

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11 DIY Printing Ideas for Celebration Days

Make your celebration day special with DIY printing ideas.

This is your stop to make DIY Printing material. In the event that you need to plan a flyer and print it out at the home or office, this article will relate all the most valuable data to help complete it well for you. The truth of the matter is, you have a wide exhibit of alternatives relying on the product you have accessible to you.

Here is the list of 11 Do It Yourself printing ideas that you can do with your friends and family members. The designs can be eye-catchy and very cool in their appearance. What’s more interesting is that you can do it with minimum or no practice.

Number #1: New Year’s Day

The New Year is very special for all the Americans. Make it more special with your DIY printing ideas. You can give a pleasant surprise to your friends and family members.

The Idea: Countdown envelopes can be a fun activity to count down to the New Year.

The Setup: 13 blank 9”x12” envelope, sheets of 8.5”x11” blank regular paper, pens or pencils

The Project: Write the month and year on top of the envelope, one for each month of the year (January 2017) Simply have every person in your home to draw a picture on the envelope how they felt about that month. The last envelope should be on the wish list for the New Year. Pass a sheet of the blank paper to everyone and ask them to write one funny story or something good that happened to them in that month and insert it into the envelope. Once it is complete, open the envelopes month by month and read the stories.  It’s a real fun!

New Year’s Day DIY Print IdeaNumber #2: Super Bowl Sunday

This is the first Sunday in February. On this day, Americans love to watch the Super Bowl, the title of American football and also advertisements.

The Idea: Super Bowl business Bingo Cards

The Setup: Sheets of 11″x17″ clear paper have a couple of additional sheets in the event of some unforeseen issue, and a color card stock paper.

The Project: Draw little squares on the 11″x17″ clear paper 6 sections, 6 lines, cut the card stock paper in little pieces. Go out the sheet of 11″x17″ Bingo Commercial card and card stock paper. Have every individual record particularly what they think it will be in the ads. For example, hamburger, football, guitar and more! As you watch the ads you can begin rounding out the Bingo Card and see who wins. You can also buy cheap business flyers.

Super Bowl Sunday DIY Printing IdeaNumber #3: Valentine’s Day: February 14

Valentine’s Day in the USA is commended with the giving of chocolates, flowers, and love cards. It is considered as the most famous sentimental occasion.

The Idea: Valentine’s Day Love Note

The Setup: Take 10 Envelopes with different sizes. Blank Quality Card Stock Paper

The Project: Draw pictures and simply write a single word that portrays your partner on every envelope, insert the envelopes in each other. When you get the chance to last envelope, write a note that clarifies why you adore your partner with a little rose inside the envelope.

Number #4: St. Patrick’s Day: March 17

In this occasion, many individuals dress in green and they pinch the people who don’t.

The Idea: Think Green

The Setup: 8.5×11 sheet of paper, printer

The Project: Print green leaf picture on your printer and cut around the leaf and simply use it as a middle piece.

St. Patrick's Printing IdeasNumber #5: Easter

In festivity of Easter, numerous families in America go to church. The individuals who don’t go to church celebrate by color eggs, egg hunts and more.

The Idea: Happy Easter Banner

The Setup: 10 sheets of paper, printer and 10 feet Easter decoration tape and string.

The Project: Use Microsoft word to outline each letter of “Happy Easter” on 9″x11″ Paper-Total of 8 sheets one for each letter. Print each letter and attach it!

Easter DIY Printing IdeasNumber #6: Earth Day: April 22

This is the day when Americans praise the earth and seas. It is a good day to remember the significance of reusing.

The Idea: Reuse Old Paper

The Setup: 3 sheets of paper, Size 9″ x 12″

The Project: Use pen and color pencil to design each letter of “Happy Earth Day” on 3 Paper sheets. 1 word for 1 paper. Decorate with tape.

Earth Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #7: May 6: Nurse Day

A day to thank medical caretakers for their diligent work in clinics.

The Idea: Buy a custom cloth paper 8.5×11

The Setup: Colorful pen and pencils. Collect some thank you wishes from the internet.

The Project: Write small thank you note on the cloth paper. Draw a smiley!

Nurse Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #8: Friendship Day

We celebrate this on First Sunday in August. On this day, people spend time with their friends.

The Idea: Friends Forever Card

The Setup: 8.5″x11″ and 9.5″x12″ sheet of papers, color cards, printer, pen and decoration tape.

The Project: Print heart shape, birds, stars or whatever you want and cut around the design. Use these as a middle piece. Write something like “Friends Forever!” You can also write some good wishes. Decorate the corner with your decoration tape.

Number #9: Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special day. We celebrate it on the 2nd Sunday in May. In spite of the fact that conventions will shift from family to family, numerous Americans give their moms chocolates, flowers, and adornments or take her out to lunch.

The Idea: Photo Collage

The Setup: Take a red color paper and give it a heart shape.

The Project: Print some of your sweet photographs with your mother. Attach the photographs on the heart-shaped paper. You can use glue. Insert this into an envelope. Give it to your mother.

Mother's Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #10: Father’s Day

We celebrate this day on the third Sunday in June. Similarly, as with Mother’s Day, conventions will differ from family to family, yet many individuals celebrate by having a BBQ supper and potentially playing some kind of game.

The Idea: Short note on special moments

The Setup: Take 7 Envelopes with different sizes. Blank Quality Card Stock Paper

The Project: Draw pictures and simply write some words about your special day with your father on every envelope, insert the envelopes in each other. You can give your father a DIY collage with this.

Father's Day DIY Printing IdeasNumber #11: October 31: Halloween

Halloween is regularly celebrated by kids taking on the appearance of imagination characters and going way to way to request sweet. Families regularly hold Halloween parties in their homes.

The Idea: Halloween Party Characters Cards

The Setup: Sheets of 21″x17″ clear paper have a couple of additional sheets in the event of some unforeseen issue, and a color card stock paper.

The Project: Draw little squares on the 21″x17″ clear paper 10 sections, 10 lines, cut the card stock paper in little pieces. Go out the sheet of 21″x17″ Halloween Party Characters Cards and card stock paper. Have every family members pick one card. The members have to dress like the card character they pick! You can also design EDDM postcards for Halloween.

Halloween Day DIY Printing IdeasBottom Line: Do you want to try any of the above printing ideas? If you have some unique ideas that you want to try this year, do not hesitate to share with us.

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Top 5 Must-Try Social Media Posting Trends

Top 5 Must-Try Social Media Posting Trends

So…why you should know about social media posting trends?

The exact reason may vary person to person, however, if you are a businessman, then these trends will help you to add extra value to your business.

People post a great deal of stuff on social networking sites. As a consequence of all that posting, some fascinating social trends and best practices have unobtrusively appeared to offer us some assistance with figuring out what and how to share things on the web.

Social Media Services

Following is a list of trendy and popular social media posting patterns. See how many of these trends you have already used!

Number 1: Live Streaming Video

Quicker response times are not the main thing you will need to focus on. Customers additionally need speedier access to ongoing, real-time events. Live streaming video is thought to be the next enormous thing in online marketing.

Thanks to Meerkat and Periscope apps which took the Internet by the tempest!

The live stream goes above and beyond, uncovering a substantially more credible side of your business. It is unfiltered, unedited, and demonstrates that you are not simply reading off of a sign card. Both Meerkat and Periscope permit you to broadcast a live stream of your business world.

Number 2: Social Commerce

Over the past years, we have seen social media plays an important role in growing business. In 2014, complete US deals that could be followed to online networking came to $3.3 billion. According to a research, social media ads help to get more customers.

In 2016, you will need to investigate more ways how you can coordinate these elements into your online networking and content methodologies.

Number 3: SEO Friendly Posts

How about we make one thing clear: content is king. The mediums may be changing, however, in 2015 we saw a huge movement from content to media, yet we cannot ignore the importance of content. With more organizations working out their content procedures and the rising publicizing costs, optimizing content is in highest demand.

Social media does not specifically influence search engine positioning, more prominent social signals, for example, friends or fans sharing your social posts and sending more activity to your site, can offer you some assistance with ranking higher.

Number 4: Bite-Sized Video Postings

Let’s be honest, no one has a long enough attention to watch a video that is longer than 5 minutes!  Furthermore, now that the whole world has gone versatile, social video posts have become significantly shorter. You can create short videos with apps like Instagram and Vine.

Number 5: Data-Driven Posts

If you are an exceptionally visual brand, then Pinterest and Instagram are as of now on your radar. You are familiar with picture specs and character limits. You know all the basics. Now you are prepared to refine your methodology so you can truly focus on quality connections. That is the place online networking analytics come in.

Information is a major a portion of how you measure online networking achievement, however, it will play an important role in your 2016 methodology. Advertisers have never had this much access to data about customer inclinations before. You can use the information about your customers to personalize your message and concentrate on building long-term engagement and stronger loyalty.

You can use Sprout, which is a professional social media reporting tool to learn more about your customers. Design social media posts according to the demand of your customers.

Bonus: Extra Social Media Posting Trends

  • Shortened URLs: No one likes to see a link posted online that is very long with a wide range of weird symbols in it. It is always better to post shorter links on social media like Many small and big organizations are starting to promote their own shortened URLs.
  • Parody and Web Humor: Do you want to get a lot of fans and followers on your social media account? Claim to be a famous person and poke fun at them. You can also join Weird Twitter in case you are more into that kind of humor.
  • Reaction GIFs: Reaction GIFs are available on different social media sites. Sometimes just a single reaction GIF can express a lot more things than typing it out, especially when you want to express your emotion.

So…what social media posting trends are you going to try this year?

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9 Tips for Creating Quick Graphics for Your Social Media Posts

Do you want to create high quality graphics for social media posts?

But are you afraid of Photoshop? Then this post is for you.

We will discuss how you can create amazing graphics for your social media without Photoshop.

Graphics grab us like nothing. Truth be told, our brains process visuals around 70,000 times quicker than content. That’s why a graphic is worth more than a hundred words.

Graphics designing…many people find it time consuming or very difficult to do. If you are one of them, then what should you do? Will you hire an artist?

In any case, imagine a scenario where your financial plan isn’t sufficiently enormous to legitimize that additional cost.

Take a full breath. You’re going to enter another universe where plan comes simple to you, it is free and it is repeatable.

Are you ready? How about we look at nine tips for creating quick graphics for social media posts that will make your online networking content sharable and engaging.

Tips 1: Use High Quality Photography


Beautiful things always draw our attention. We notice, like and click on the photos that look attractive and nice. That’s why it is always important to choose quality photograph.

A high quality stock photograph snatches your fans attention, as well as support your image’s believability and professionalism. People are not going to believe a brand that uses grainy, ungainly and gooey pictures.

Many people think that stock images are very costly. However, you will be surprised to know that the cost is from $0 to $1!

Tips 2: Do Not Use Too Much Text


The purpose of use graphics is to let hues, shapes, and surfaces do the hard work. That’s why it is not a good idea to use too much text. The less, the better. Whether you’re making a visual post for social media like Facebook, Twitter, or even Pinterest, don’t permit the words to swarm out the picture. Always try to place the text within empty space. This will make your graphics effortlessly meaningful, effectively absorbable, and more shareable.

Tips 3: Design Quote Graphics


Quote graphics are very easy to design. It offers your fans some assistance with connecting with the message and meaning of your image – not only your item. Another reason people adoration to share quote graphics is that if they can relate easily relate to them, they will be motivated to like, comment and share. Try different things with strong, bold and light.

Here’s an example,

Tips 4: Let Image and Shapes Associate


When you design with a tool that takes into consideration layers to be presented or pushed back, it can be amusing to layer content on top of various shapes and also banners. You can nicely rotate the letters to fit the shape superbly, making a flawless impact. On the other hand, you can make your content cooperate with a background picture by masterminding it to fit around items in the photograph, rather than composing over top of them.

Tips 5: Play with Textual Styles!


I adore textual styles…. One of my most loved things to do while designing a graphics is to discover approaches to consolidate different text styles together. The trap is to ensure you are making a strong look, not something that appears to be excessively occupied. A basic guideline to begin with when consolidating textual styles is to pick one plain textual style with one beautiful and decorative font.

For example, this image plays with fonts!

Tips 6: Highlight Your Hashtag


With a specific end goal to attract your potential customers and your fan, you can highlight your hashtag.

Tips 7: Use Negative Space


An image design does not need to be occupied or bright to be attractive. At times utilizing negative space also known as white space is an awesome approach to attract the eye to your content. You need not to fill up all of your space. Write a short message with one basic symbol or your logo.

Tips 8: Create Text Blocks


One well known pattern in visual depiction is to control typography so that every one of the lines are the same size, framing a strong shape. This can be precarious in the event that you do not have the right number and length of words, however you can at present accomplish the look by filling the additional spaces with different shapes or dividers to make the piece work all the same.

Tips 9: Use a Strong Background


Sometimes an exacting picture is an extraordinary decision, yet a dynamic one that still mirrors your message can make a fun impact as well. Try to discover a background that fits your message without interpreting it straightforwardly. Here’s an example,


Easy Tools to Create Quick Graphics


If you are not comfortable with Photoshop, then these free and super easy tools will help you to create amazing graphics for your social media.

Number 1: Canva

Canva makes picture creation super simple with their pre-made formats, custom picture sizes for each online networking channel. You will get cool fonts, drag and drop interface and much more.

Business Card Design

Tip: If you know the dimensions of the picture you need, make a custom size before clicking into any of the pre-made formats.

Number 2: Skitch

It appears with a fast console easy route, click and drag over the region you need to clip. You can circle things, obscure things, point to things, and include content with only a couple clicks.

Infographic Design

Tip: Use blur feature during the time of sharing an image with your personal details.

Number 3: PicMonkey

It is a truly simple to use photograph altering tool that keeps running in your program. You can rapidly and effectively alter a solitary picture, make a collection or set up together an outline.

Orange County Design

Tip: This one is best for creating Facebook cover photo.

Number 4: CloudApp

This tool lets you store pictures online. Its new Mac application comes with more propelled features like screengrabs as well as GIF creation. With the application open, you can make a GIF video of anything.

Laguna Hills Graphic Design

Tip: Once the picture creation is done, this tool can naturally put the picture URL onto your clipboard.

Number 5: Noun Project

Its library contains a mind blowing number of visual pictures that speak to huge amounts of words in the English dialect. With most accessible as a free download, it makes attribution clear and simple.



Tip: This tool is best for creating cool icons.

So, which one you want to choose to create quick graphics for your social media posts? Let us know in the comment box!


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Best Free SEO Tools 2016

Free SEO tools… yes, we are talking about free SEO tools and the best part is that, these SEO tools are used by a set of search marketing professionals and SEO experts. So, you need not to worry about whether these tools are effective or not. You may get result beyond your expectation!

If you want to work faster and smarter, you must have to use right SEO tools. Here’s a collection of the best free SEO tools with a wide assortment of uses. These tools will also cover your common needs. All of them are free, fast and easy to use. Hopefully, you will find the best tools for you, today.


1. Google Analytics

It is one of the best-known free suites of SEO tools. Its Custom Reports let you pick measurements, for example, country and metrics, which can incorporate bounce rates and online visits, to get a real time site performance. It is useful to see any bugs or indexing issues.

Main Features

  • Search engine optimization
  • Advertising reports
  • Campaign measurement
  • Social reports
  • Traffic sources
  • Data collection and management
  • Flow visualization
  • Annotation
  • Content experiment and so on

2. Varvy SEO Tool

This free tool gives different looks into how your site and site contents are performing, from the quantity of domains connecting to your site to online networking notice. Simply connect to any page on your site and watch the SEO results come in. This tool will provide insight into areas of major concern, for example, content optimization, image optimization, website related technological issues, site speed, and interfaces.

Main Features

  • Page speed analysis
  • Mobile optimization
  • Link report
  • Address schema
  • Social count
  • Page request count
  • Redirect mapper and so on

3. GTmetrix

Having a SEO tool to look at page speed and analyze open doors for ranking improvement is currently a key part of the SEO toolbox. Anything that affects user experience impacts search engine optimization. For mobile devices, site speed is also very important. You will get hundreds of site-speed tools; however GTmetrix is dependable and user friendly. There are some other popular pagespeed tools available like WebPagetest and Google PageSpeed Insights. Last one is great!

Main Features

  • Provide a summary of performance indicators
  • Track performance with graphs
  • Monitor and analyze pages
  • Playback page loads
  • Save report data
  • API functionality
  • Comes with Adblock Plus and so on

4. Keyword Tool

Enter an inquiry in this SEO tool and it will rapidly release a huge amount of awesome keywords taking into account the autocomplete highlight of search engines like Bing, Google, YouTube, or even App Store Search.
This SEO tool is incredible for producing a huge amount of relevant keyword ideas, particularly long-tail keywords that won’t appear in the AdWords tool because of having low volumes. If you want to build a list of potential long tail keywords, you can use this tool.

Main Features

  • Generate more than 700 long tail keywords
  • Pay-Per-Click advertising campaigns
  • Best for international SEO
  • Provide relevant keywords for content creation
  • Helps to find hidden keywords and so on

5. Google Trends

This tool indicates changes in search inquiry volume for particular inquiries. For online marketers, particularly in unpredictable commercial ventures like fashion and technology, it is important to stay aware of the business sector. Also, if you are an online marketing expert and stretch out beyond the opposition, the outcomes can be very productive without a doubt. For search advertisers, it is useful to examine changes in query behavior. Indeed, even ordinary content creators can enhance their outcomes by understanding which keywords are trending.

Main Features

  • Compare the volume of searches
  • Different languages available
  • Search across various regions
  • Display relative results and so on

Important Link
SEO site audit Checklist- 55 Important Questions to ask during site audit

6. SEO SpyGlass

This SEO tool is best for backlink and competitive analysis. It is a free software, and it is very important for observing a site’s backlink profile. It also helps to discover the hotspots for the backlinks of your competitors. It delivers an enormous measure of details, more than some other comparable SEO tools. The measure of information you can gather, and where it is gathered from, is all under your control. You can also collect data whenever you want.
Not at all like similar SEO tools, you can easily run an professional analysis at any interval rather than a standard cycle. This is particularly important if some real change has occurred and you need a report fast.

Main Features

  • Discover the anchor text
  • Find the backlinks of a website
  • See the page rank instantly
  • Monitor your traffic
  • Uncover IP address
  • Discover the page titles of the backlinks
  • Get short links from forum and blogs and so on

7. Bing Webmaster Tool

This tool is incredible for watching out how Bing is treating your site furthermore empowers you to have some control in the matter. It additionally demonstrates to you clicks to your website from Bing via search inquiry. You will also be able to see search query volume. It will provide you the insights of indexation, crawling, on-page keyword advancement, and different components that can affect your performance in major search engines like, Google.

Main Features

  • Helps to find new traffic
  • Provides useful information to increase traffic
  • Helps to adjust webpage
  • Helps to know what your potential clients are searching for and so on

8. Moz SEO Tool

It is a suite of easy to understand inbound online marketing tools.

Main Features

The following are the most loved free Moz SEO tools:

  • Open Site Explorer: This one is a backlink analysis tool. It comes with supportive metrics approximating link value.
  • Moz Local: This tool gives you a chance to see the condition of an organization’s citations. It is the primary spot you need to go when you first start local SEO.
  • Followerwonk: It shows important information on Twitter.
  • The SERP Overlay: It is a piece of the Mozbar. It demonstrates OSE measurements on individual query items.
  • Mozbar: It is a toolbar that gives you a chance to rapidly get at Moz’s key elements for the page you are on.

9. SEO-Browser

This tool does one basic thing. It takes a site page and demonstrates to you what it normally looks like to a web index. It is fundamental to understand what a search engine sees. There is another similar tool, Browseo, however SEO browser adds your images and a touch of extra SEO data. Instead of using SEO-Browser, you can also use Google Search Console.

Main Features

  • Demonstrates what a site normally looks like to a web index

10. SEMrush

It is free tool that provides insights into keyword execution, for example, which websites rank in Google’s main 100 results for a given keyword. You can connect to URLs to get data on the traffic of that website, keyword advertisements, natural versus promotion activity, natural keywords, and the much more.
This tool presents you with definite engagement metrics, backlink data, and keyword information. You can also use the premium features of SEMrush.

Main Features

  • Provides insights into the strategies of the competitors
  • Estimate keyword difficulty
  • Compare competitive domains
  • Launch global campaigns
  • Analysis on-page health and so on

Quick Look SEO Tools 2016

11. MyBlogGuest

Guest blogging is flourishing. This tool offers you some assistance with finding new opportunities out there.
Best for: Content Marketing, Link Building

12. Panguin Tool

This marvelous SEO tool associates with your Google Analytics record to offer you some assistance with seeing if and when you have been hit by the updates of Google Algorithm.
Best for: Analytics

13. Pingdom

This tool offers a whole suite of tools to break down DNS issues, page load and connectivity.
Best for: Speed

14. Piwik

It is a lightweight tool, and an alternative for Google Analytics.
Best for: Analytics

15. Rapportive

It works best with Gmail inbox to give rich contact data. This tool is a must have for online marketers.
Best for: Link Building, EMail, Productivity

16. Rank Checker

This simple desktop SEO tool checks rankings with a click. Snappy, simple and absolutely free.
Best for: Rank Tracking

17. Remove Duplicate Items

This tool offers a suite of third party referencing software and a couple of supportive profitability SEO tools online marketers.
Best for: Profitability

Above are only a few of best SEO tools 2016. There are some other tools that will do the same job. However, these tools are popular, powerful and also the easiest to use. You can let us know about your favorite SEO tools in the comment box.

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Custom Banners

Must-Have Features for Major Signage Materials

Do you have an established brick and mortar set of stores or a first branch to install? Either way, it’s always best to familiarise yourself with all the various sign materials out there. Let this guide serve as a snippet of the basic signs you can find, so you’ll know how your brand can be best maximised with any message you’ll ever have:


Due to the digital age, there emerged two types of advertising banners. This banner type we’re discussing is quite different from web page ones. Clickable online banners are prominently placed on either the top or bottom part of a website.

Physical Banner printouts are used offline. They’re usually produced on the horizontal or vertical format, and they’re great for store openings. If you have a booth or event activation, they’re your shout out to the world to announce the purpose of your presence. They’re the biggest means to get attention if you also have discounts and promotions.


Banner Promo


Before speaking with a printer, a high-quality banner must have the following features:


Choose your material depending on where it will be placed. Will your message be placed in windy environments or will it be indoors? For how long should the banner be standing? Your brand name and type of activity will determine your banner’s material:

  • Vinyl – promotional activities such as brand activations
  • Mesh – premium outdoor events
  • Canvas – outdoor art installations
  • Paper – indoors

Ink absorption

Although most printers have already made corresponding formulas, it pays to know the various inks which can be applied on your chosen material. Ink absorption will depend on the banners’ material they’ll be combined with.

For vinyl, your top three choices would be aqueous (or water-based), vinyl-solvent or eco-solvents. If you’ll be having an indoor event and shall have the paper-based banner, water-based inks leave a lot of room for colour ranges.

Between vinyl-solvent or eco-solvent inks, you might want to choose the latter. Eco-solvents are more environmentally friendly and last as long as vinyl-solvent ones.

Mesh banners are like cloths with numerous tiny holes which allow air to pass through. They’re great for outdoors since they tend to flap less and don’t get easily shaken by wind movements. The best ink for them UV-resistants as they can withstand the sun and offer outdoor protection.

Pigment based inks can be used for canvas banners since they tend to be muted and give off subdued images. They’re great for outdoors as these can also withstand harsh winds.

Thankfully, there have been latest technologies which developed the most state-of-the-art inks to cater for every communicator’s objectives. It’s always best to choose your ink depending on the thickness of your chosen banner type.


Standees are like banners with mechanisms at their back. With the use of aluminium support, they can be installed and uninstalled whenever needed. Their executions range from collapsible metal to 3D produced ones.

Aside from durability of materials and ink absorption, a well-produced standee should be sturdy.

It should withstand numerous cycles of installation and collapses, whenever it is placed in your areas of promotion (whether in events or store fronts).

Window frostings

These are great as merchandise backgrounds in store fronts. They give a glimpse of what the store’s interiors would be like while still living out a bit of mystery for passers-by to still come in. They’re also flexible enough for differently shaped etchings. Think of them as sticker cut outs to project an image on glazed windows.

When looking for window frostings, make sure the supplier gives you various material options. The ones on your short list should give you ranges of sparkly and muted shades. The material must have at least 4 – 14 mils of thickness. The texture should rely on where the windows will be installed. Store front windows should be visibly thicker as compared to office and other indoor venues.

Menu boards

These materials are every establishment’s indoor billboard, and they’re even crucial to making a sale. Upcoming promotions and discounts are particularly highlighted with the use of these materials.

In this digital age, stores have the option to choose either digital LED menu boards or classic ones. Digital materials use seamless interface and may be integrated with point-of-sale areas in a store. Owners can display various images, which is why they’re required to be as flexible as possible. Information may be plugged in a hard drive, which translates visuals to the store front.

If you’re aiming for digital menu boards,
it’s a must-have to have a fully integrated information transfer system.

This means owners and managers can easily translate their design vision to any panel of the boards’ screens. For instance, if you’re having a 100th customer promotion to increase transaction rates, your point-of-sale system can automatically command the menu board to switch the design. The layout can mention a congratulatory remark with additional freebies to the lucky customer. This should increase excitement and overall store experience.

Screen quality is also key to displaying the most compelling messages. If they’re far too bright, they would be a discomfort for customers to look at. Colour translation should also be consistent from how the design was envisioned, to how it would be projected from the screens.

Classic menu boards save store owners a lot of electricity, and they’re apt for limited food and beverage selections. If this is your choice, make sure they’re sturdy enough to be taken down and slipped back into the frames.

One important must-have for classic menu boards is the reliability of suppliers. Make an arrangement where repeat orders give chances for discounts depending on the span of time by which the materials were ordered. If possible, a 10% re-order discount may be arranged if newer units will be called in within three months of the previous purchase.
There are more signage materials to get familiarise with and it’s best to get a hang of these basic items. After deciding on which tools to use, make sure to go as detailed as possible from the ideation to the production process. This may be an arduous project and seven design and communication professionals get hired to develop the major signage plans of multinationals. Each item should communicate a strategy, which means they should be made with the highest quality.

About Author: Jason Kerner is a Senior Writer and Social Media Specialist. He currently writes for a renowned provider of LED signage in Sydney. He spends his free time discovering new stuff or finishing his all-time goal list.

The Biggest Problem with SEO, And How You Can Fix It

In recent times, the business success largely depends on the digital marketing factor and search engine optimization, which is, of course, a part of marketing as well. With numerous businesses trying to win the rat race, it is a general trend among people to try and gain the top ranking in the Google pages. Is it easily achievable? Of course not, as there are several people competing with the same kind of product and trying to reach the sky. So what do you think is the biggest problem with SEO? Why a certain business that was ruling the industry and search engine pages today, suddenly gets down in the search rankings and loses its potentiality tomorrow?

Biggest Problem with SEO Leading to the Pitfall

Content is the czar of SEO. With the advancement of the SEO techniques and Google’s changing algorithms like Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird, Content is the biggest problem that can make or break your business. In order to win the search engine optimization process, you need to publish great content that can earn you links. Are you aware how SEO helps in Google ranking? The content of your website and the content you share in the digital platform like the videos, infographics, articles, images, audios, etc. plays a pivotal role in winning the game. The SEO professionals optimize these set of content so it is essential that the content you publish is unique and better than your competitors.

The problems with SEO are it requires clean and crisp site with high-quality content. Apart from the on page optimization and off page optimization, an error free website structure without any technical glitches is also an important factor for winning the SEO game. In order to boost the business and make it profitable, a strong content marketing technique is important. Creating, implementing, and distributing the right content can effectively achieve your business goals but there are barriers that affect content and also winning SEO strategies.

How is the Content Creating Problem?

Now, it is clear that valuable content is the foundation of any content marketing strategies and also the biggest challenge with SEO. Are you aware how content is affecting SEO? The copied content is the topmost technical apprehension because-

  • People think that Google crawlers must visit again and again to find the changes and new content added to the website. But the dynamic websites creates multiple pages that are not rightly configured from the databases which hamper SEO performance. For Google, any such barrier that comes on its way while crawling is wanted.
  • The secure URL and plain URL set of rules (HTTPS and HTTP)
  • and just without any preference set for www
  • Syndicated RSS feeds
  • Blog tags
  • Functions of CMS or the control management system

All the above points can cause duplicate content which can affect the search engine optimization results. The links that are irrelevant and unnatural can also decline the SEO results of the website. Often great fonts or bright colors and attractive image cannot be an effective step to attract traffic as it may not be appealing from SEO point of view. The content of the URL also affects the Google ranking.

Effective Tools to Fix the Content Curation Problems

The movement on the web is rapid and the content needs to keep pace with the fast-paced web world. It is quite difficult to create original content every moment regularly. So, the content curation comes as the best filler content marketing strategy. The timing is very important in content curation to gain revenue, leads, and traffic. Let’s discuss the accurate tools for content curation.

  1. PublishThis

One of the best tools to organize your content, PublishThis integrates the channels of your communication on a single podium making sharing and publishing easier. The API to post content on a range of applications and platforms is one of the best features of PublishThis. The original content can be mixed with the customized content as per the customer requirement. Daily content curation involves a lot of time and is a real headache. PublishThis saves time by promoting its algorithm reliability to source content for the target audience.

  1. Curata

The INSPIRE™ recommending engine is the foremost power of Curata which is proficient in discovering content pertinent to particular target audiences without lots of manual effort. Your set of an audience can modify, adapt, and sort the sources for content to evaluate and then distribute from one platform. The curated content can be reshuffled with the help of publishing and advertisements across your blogs, social networking mediums, newsletters, and mechanized promotion platforms.

  1. TrapIt

The ‘traps’ are the content collection set by the content marketers. The content requirement is learned by the tool. It helps them to deliver constant real-time feeds, content on the basis of the trapped subjects, and the ways of interacting with the content. The content of supreme quality which is unique and not plagiarized can be surfaced on the web with the help of the TrapIt engine that discovers content by combining search, artificial aptitude, and individual curation.

  1. Right Intel

With the help of this tool content as per the requirement of the audience can be found easily. Once you know what content is required by your audience, with the help of the Right Intel tool you can add your own approach to it. Internal, as well as external publishing options, are available with this tool. Right Intel tool also maintain your curated data planned and in control on your comprehensive dashboard.

  1. Feedly

Now your favorite feeds, blogs, news sites and articles can be browsed, read, and shared with Feedly app. It is customized according to your requirement. You may decide what content to follow or get detail information. The feeds can be broken into different folders to get a better access and simple outline of your niche sector. All the sites that you like can be brought together at one place.

If you are able to give a clear view to your audience with right unique and fresh content the content marketing  tools can enhance it and effectively create a difference to your business ranking in search engines as well as in your industry on the whole. With the advancing SEO techniques, you need a Creative SEO Professionals that update and shuffle your contents effectively that can enable you to draw, connect, alert, and hold customers.

Why Is LinkedIn Perfect for B2B Marketing?

New business owners usually are told they need to be on social media or their venture will fail. The problem is that they aren’t told how to use social media effectively unless they spend money on digital marketing companies. While hiring a marketing company dedicated to business to business marketing is a good idea, new business owners often do not have the capital in the beginning. They have to rely on their own efforts and advice from others. This can cause problems because they might not be told good advice.

Each of the social mediums is different and target different audiences. Although business owners might need a presence on all of them, they should focus their attention on what is most effective for their business.


Facebook — Businesses that are generally business to the consumer do well with Facebook. The site allows users to create ads or events that draw in consumers. You can run contests through Facebook and have coupons on the site. You also can listen to your customers and see trends that are happening that would benefit your business.

LinkedIn — Businesses that are business to business should focus on LinkedIn. The site is designed with businesses in mind. B2B companies do well on LinkedIn. Connecting with others on LinkedIn is not difficult. You can join groups and see trends in your industry. You can find out about seminars, webinars and other methods of passing along information in your field. LinkedIn also offers Pulse, a way to post a blog that will get people to learn about your business more than other social media.

Here are seven strategies to use LinkedIn effectively.

  1. Load a profile. To be effective in reaching your business customers, you need to create a profile with as much information about your company as possible. You need to keep posting to your profile. Joining groups are the best way to reach the most people and finding the right buyer for your service. Groups are either vertical or around a topic, which helps you find people talking about your product or service.
  2. Get bigger. You want to re-market, re-target and re-message regularly on LinkedIn. This will allow you to reach people everywhere. You will be considered bigger than you are and an expert in your field. You also will bring people around to your content because they will want to know more about you. Customers will keep you in mind when they need your service.
  3. Give advice. To market LinkedIn for leads for companies interested in what you have to sell, you want to give advice, warn businesses, entertain readers, or inspire or amaze your audience. These are known to have people share your content. The more people share, the more you are likely to find a company who wants to buy from you.
  4. Use your employees. Make sure your employees are on LinkedIn. When they have their profiles, use their sites to post content. Ask them to share your content or to connect with others. Have them post their own content that you share on your contacts.
  5. Use Advanced People Search. LinkedIn’s Advanced People Search will allow you to find those obscure companies who need your services. You wouldn’t have known about them without doing the search. This feature also allows you to narrow your search, such as CEOs of companies with more than 5,000 employees.
  6. Massage your prospects. LinkedIn allows you to nurture your relationship with companies. You can build these relationships with your prospects. Eventually, you will be successful in engaging your potential client who will need your services at some point.
  7. Advertise on LinkedIn. Because LinkedIn’s advertising is growing in popularity, it is used by businesses for businesses. It targets job titles, specific companies, certain industries and LinkedIn groups. Although LinkedIn ads cost more than Facebook, Google Adwords or Bing, you can find a reasonable rate on LinkedIn. It costs just seventy-five cents to reach 1,000 people advertising on LinkedIn.

Business to business service companies thrives on LinkedIn because of its features that are meant for industries. You want to maximize your use of LinkedIn. Although you can use Facebook, you don’t want to put all your time into it. You also want to use YouTube by creating videos about your products or services and asking for video testimonials.


6 Major Things You Need To Know Before Making an Investment in a Video Conferencing Tool

Video conferencing tools these days has made it possible for all the businesses today to connect with more and more enterprises to a wider business world. Though this technology is not something that is new but as businesses have strived for more and more effective ways of running a business, video conferencing is an increasingly powerful tool for expanding their businesses around. Now when you have decided video calls are the way around then the only thing left here for you to do is choosing the right tool. Your ideal package would here depend on the number of factors we have been looking out for, and once you are done you would then be able to make an informed decision on choosing the right video tool for your business.


Choosing the simple and flexible option:

The best video conferencing tool would have two things in common, one that they are simple to use and easy for the others to operate and two though they are flexible enough to integrate with the other technologies they do help you meet the future needs of your business. Later down the line, you would want to incorporate data conferencing for better collaboration keeping up the highest quality displays. Either way, you would here want a system that could help you keep up with the needs for a longer run.

Connectivity for your business video:

What IP resources are available for your business videos when it comes to locations and are they symmetric or as symmetric.

Ticking the boxes:

Now that you know what exactly you need or require find systems that would tick all the right boxes. You would here also require a system compatible with the devices you expect to use. The best video business conferencing systems would here allow you to connect with any of the systems of your choice be it PC, Mac, IOS and Android devices.

Budget for your business video:

During this specific period of time, you would here have to list out all the options that are available to you. Once you list them out you would then here have to talk about the budget. Think about what you are planning to spend. Of course, you would not have to pay more than what is required but a system that would meet up your needs and requirements brings a touch of a touch of quality to the business. Though this is a tough balance to find, having a realistic budget in place could reduce the list to an affordable pricing.

The components that you would need:

If your laptop or say the desktops have been well equipped with the webcam, then you would here only need to subscribe for the video conferencing system. And if you do not have the basic audio or the video equipment or does not offer the quality of experience that you require, an installed solution that includes monitors, video cameras, and microphones would be a better investment for you and your business organization.

The devices that the employees would use for video conferencing:

Regardless of whatever online business solution that you choose, most video conferencing systems would here offer a support for a wide variety of endpoints, including the hardware and software you could hear and see the video conferences. You could get clients software for the desktops, laptops, and the mobile devices say the smartphones and tablets. And in case you are planning to conduct the high-quality executive business video conferences, you would here opt for room-based solutions with large HD monitors, stereo sound and the voice locating cameras.

Once you have gained the answers for all your questions you would here then be having a good idea on what your business actually needs when it comes to video conferencing solutions. And no matter what solution you have chosen video conferencing could help in keeping your colleagues connected, engaging your customers and vendors directly, and cutting down the costs keeping the employees out of their cars and plains.

So how has video conferencing help you improve your business communication and collaboration? So what would you like to add to the list above before you make an investment in the video conferencing tool? Do leave your thoughts and comments below.

This article is contributed by Claudia Metura. She is an expert in the IT industry with over 12 years of experience. She has collaborated with various companies to work on improving corporate video solutions. She is responsible for working with customers and partners to evangelize the benefits of Business video platform across the business. She is dedicated to not only meeting the needs of organizations and clients but exceeding them.

10 Compelling Reasons Why You Need Online Marketing

The benefits of online marketing are still hugely underestimated. Companies, and individuals, are still ignoring the fact marketing their services and products online, is vital to make their business thrive. Our online world has changed a lot, and it is not only companies which need to focus on good quality marketing strategies. Individuals such as bloggers, vloggers and affiliate sellers, should also aim to improve their marketing strategies online. Often, it can be hard to know what to do, and it is a good idea to turn to an online marketing company. But, why is it so important to find a good marketing strategy to use for your products and services online?



This is perhaps the main reason you should focus on working hard on your marketing strategies. There are thousands of companies out there promoting their services, and you are only a drop in the ocean. You need to start shouting about yourself and honking your own horn. When you do this, you will increase your own visibility. In other words, potential buyers will find you.

Create a Showcase

What do we do when we go shopping? If, you stop and think about retailing, you will appreciate that stores showcase their products to us. You need to do the same. The best way to do that is to use social media, and start telling potential buyers what you have got. Make the benefits of the product clearly visible, but don’t lecture, just make your products and services seem more attractive than others. Put some real effort into this one, and you will soon see the benefits.

Trust Me

Selling is really a matter of trust. Getting prospective buyers to trust you is very important. Think about brand marketing before you launch your site, isn’t trust really what makes you buy brand products? If, you can build in trust to your products and services you are onto a real winner. People will buy from somebody who they can trust, and believe is going to be around for a long time.

Boost Your Traffic

Yes, you need to get traffic, and the best way to do that is through social media. Put yourself in the middle of your own make-believe road junction, and start directing traffic to your site, or sites, by using social media. This is a great visual exercise, and you can even imagine yourself standing in the middle of a busy junction. The traffic you are directing is not coming from downtown, or other parts of town, it is coming from social media networks such as Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter. Get serious with your directions, and start getting your site up in the search engine rankings.

Cheaper Marketing and Advertising Costs

It is not expensive to market your business online. As a matter of fact, this is probably the best, and most cost-effective, the way for businesses to market these days. Get excited about your business, and get others excited as well. There are many out there who can help you, and ending up in the hands of the right blogger or vlogger, is a recipe for success.

Word of Mouth

You need to get busy spreading the message of your business, and the best way to do that is the forum. Join lots of forums which relate to your business, and start getting the message out there. Eventually, people will start talking about your business. Of course, this is the modern world, so advertising by word of mouth means emailing and other inactive message forms. You will be surprised at a number of people you can reach with this simple strategy.

You are a Resource!

Let people know that you know your product, and they will start seeing you as a resource. Isn’t this really what the Internet is all about? We use the Internet to find information, and after all, information is a resource that we can’t live without. Make sure you are the resource that people want to go to, and give them useful information.

Target Marketing

Target marketing still works and is probably easier to use than ever. You will find lots of focus groups out there on social media, and all you need to do is to join them. Dip your toes in the water, and become an important part of these groups. Supply information to them, and you will soon see that your traffic will increase.

What’s in the News?

The news can be used to your advantage. Always be prepared to read the news, and see if you can find an article which can be “angled” towards your products. Now, get busy and starting emailing and sharing what you have found. Add a couple of hundred words, and make the article work for you. Above all, don’t forget to link in your site.

Stay ahead of the Competition

This is not easy but can be done. No effort is too small, and it is a good idea to try to figure out your competitor’s strategy. Don’t copy them, instead speak with your own voice and come up with your own unique idea. You never know what is going to be the next big seller, but the more active you are, the more likely it is that you will stay ahead of the competition. One email to the right person can make all the difference when it comes to beating the competition.

Above all, remember that people buy people. Yes, we are really technology savvy these days, but we still have feelings and emotions. We buy from people, or companies, that we like. Make sure that people like you, and you will end up with a very profitable business.