Make a bigger impact with custom Every Door Direct Mail program

Every Door Direct Mail

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) is a new age marketing technique where business can be marketed to every door without any specific address or names. The route is chosen in accordance to target audience based on zip codes. It is a target audience driven and inexpensive than traditional methods (direct mail). EDDM Postcards allows you to target local residence at a postage rate of approx. 0.18 cents each (see Post Office Site for up to date postage pricing).

EDDM Postcards–  We offer Postcard sizes that meet EDDM specifications. When you want to place an order for EDDM, take a look at the “Size” drop-down menu. The 4-Color Offset Postcards that meet USPS requirements are clearly marked. Simply order the Postcards and take them to the neighborhood post office for mailing.

EDDM Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail

It’s never been this easy to reach the customers that matter most to you with Every Door Direct Mail™ from the US Postal Service.

Production Time: 4-5 business days.

Every Door Direct Mail is a U.S Postal Service Program developed to help businesses get their promotions or advertising into the hands of a targeted audience while reducing the cost of preparing and delivering your mail.

EDDM is a perfect solution for small and large business alike, allowing you to target homes in your area or across the country.

No mailing list or postage permit is required, saving you time and money. And for as low as $0.18 per piece, you’ll save a bundle over first class rates!

  • Larger format means increased response rates
  • No postage permit required
  • No mailing list — save money
  • Mail from any post office
  • Postage $0.183 per piece

NOTE: For all EDDM products, you are responsible for setup and delivery to USPS for EDDM processing. Creative Over will use our standard bulk packaging to process your order. No additional packaging or handling is available through Creative Over. Access for instruction on the correct address layout and USPS EDDM requirements. Creative Over will not be responsible for these requirements.

For more information on how EDDM works, please visit

With Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) sizes, you can promote your business in a cost-effective way to deliver their postcards to every door. Creative Over makes it easy by offering the sizes and stocks that fit into the EDDM restrictions.

For our Bundling service, please note:

– Processing time for bundling your product may not be included in the turnaround time.

Please add 1 to 2 days to your turnaround time for this service.

Here are some tips to increase the effectiveness of every door direct mail marketing:
Identify the route
Every Door Direct Mail is generally used to target local audience in a neighborhood, so identify the crowd you want to target by zip codes. Identify the area with highest prospective consumers and devote your marketing for the target audience.
Attractive finishing effect
It is human tendency to be attracted to be glossy or soft touch coating. Use gloss finish on EDDM Postcards. This creates a more sensory experience for mail.
Captivating designs and catch line
The EDDM Postcards should stand out in a lot of others. Average attention span of a reader is less than 3 seconds, hence, the design should appeal to the eye and catch line should convey the message immediately and effectively.
Limit font
Every Door Direct Mail needs to have only 2-3 types of fonts, too many types of font size and style tend to confuse the reader, as to where to pay attention. One font for heading, title, and body that is more than enough. Don’t experiment too much with font style, some may look good but are totally illegible for the reader, it strains their eyes and hence, reduce their attention.
Be repetitive
It is necessary to do multiple rounds of publicity, to instill the idea of product/service in the mind of the audience. Being repetitive concretes the idea in the mind of the consumer.

Use photos or images
Pictures and infographics help your every door direct mail stands out. Consumers are more tend to observe and retain the EDDM if it is visually appealing than one that has only text or piece covered mainly by text.