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Vinyl Signs & Coroplast Signs

We print Signs using large format printers. We can print vinyl signs, coroplast signs, laminate and mount signs on the following boards:
Coroplast Boards
PVC Boards
Foam Boards
Sibond Boards

Recommended outdoor signs material – Coroplast signs, PVC boards (6ML) and Sibond.

Recommended indoor signs material – Foam Boards, PVC boards (3ML) and PVC Boards (6ML).

Vinyl Signs & Coloplast Signs

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Vinyl Signs mounted on Boards
Coroplast Signs: Print on vinyl paper, laminate, and mount on the rigid coroplast board. Coroplast signs are typically used for yard, parking, real estate, and election signs. They are waterproof. If utilizing H-Stakes, place your coroplast sign order with vertical.

PVC Signs: Print on Vinyl Paper, laminate and mount on 6ML or 3ML PVC.
Foam Signs: Print on Vinyl Paper, laminate, and mount on ½” or 3/16” foam board.
Sibond Signs: Print on Vinyl Paper, laminate and mount on 3mm single face aluminum board.

Coloplast signs, vinyl signs