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Top 5 Must-Try Social Media Posting Trends

Top 5 Must-Try Social Media Posting Trends

So…why you should know about social media posting trends?

The exact reason may vary person to person, however, if you are a businessman, then these trends will help you to add extra value to your business.

People post a great deal of stuff on social networking sites. As a consequence of all that posting, some fascinating social trends and best practices have unobtrusively appeared to offer us some assistance with figuring out what and how to share things on the web.

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Following is a list of trendy and popular social media posting patterns. See how many of these trends you have already used!

Number 1: Live Streaming Video

Quicker response times are not the main thing you will need to focus on. Customers additionally need speedier access to ongoing, real-time events. Live streaming video is thought to be the next enormous thing in online marketing.

Thanks to Meerkat and Periscope apps which took the Internet by the tempest!

The live stream goes above and beyond, uncovering a substantially more credible side of your business. It is unfiltered, unedited, and demonstrates that you are not simply reading off of a sign card. Both Meerkat and Periscope permit you to broadcast a live stream of your business world.

Number 2: Social Commerce

Over the past years, we have seen social media plays an important role in growing business. In 2014, complete US deals that could be followed to online networking came to $3.3 billion. According to a research, social media ads help to get more customers.

In 2016, you will need to investigate more ways how you can coordinate these elements into your online networking and content methodologies.

Number 3: SEO Friendly Posts

How about we make one thing clear: content is king. The mediums may be changing, however, in 2015 we saw a huge movement from content to media, yet we cannot ignore the importance of content. With more organizations working out their content procedures and the rising publicizing costs, optimizing content is in highest demand.

Social media does not specifically influence search engine positioning, more prominent social signals, for example, friends or fans sharing your social posts and sending more activity to your site, can offer you some assistance with ranking higher.

Number 4: Bite-Sized Video Postings

Let’s be honest, no one has a long enough attention to watch a video that is longer than 5 minutes!  Furthermore, now that the whole world has gone versatile, social video posts have become significantly shorter. You can create short videos with apps like Instagram and Vine.

Number 5: Data-Driven Posts

If you are an exceptionally visual brand, then Pinterest and Instagram are as of now on your radar. You are familiar with picture specs and character limits. You know all the basics. Now you are prepared to refine your methodology so you can truly focus on quality connections. That is the place online networking analytics come in.

Information is a major a portion of how you measure online networking achievement, however, it will play an important role in your 2016 methodology. Advertisers have never had this much access to data about customer inclinations before. You can use the information about your customers to personalize your message and concentrate on building long-term engagement and stronger loyalty.

You can use Sprout, which is a professional social media reporting tool to learn more about your customers. Design social media posts according to the demand of your customers.

Bonus: Extra Social Media Posting Trends

  • Shortened URLs: No one likes to see a link posted online that is very long with a wide range of weird symbols in it. It is always better to post shorter links on social media like Many small and big organizations are starting to promote their own shortened URLs.
  • Parody and Web Humor: Do you want to get a lot of fans and followers on your social media account? Claim to be a famous person and poke fun at them. You can also join Weird Twitter in case you are more into that kind of humor.
  • Reaction GIFs: Reaction GIFs are available on different social media sites. Sometimes just a single reaction GIF can express a lot more things than typing it out, especially when you want to express your emotion.

So…what social media posting trends are you going to try this year?

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